​​The Fine Art of Living with art

About The mAe

At the mAe,  we believe there is a vibrant, but under-served community of Art enthusiasts who are interested in fine art.

We believe this group is interested in a fantastic world of fine art that is not homogenized, are seeking to learn more and are hungry for experiential ways to do so. They are eager to engage in the fine art of living with art. 

The mAe art gallery represents emerging and mid-career artists and we empower 
The fine art of living with art.  Join The mAe for educational experiences that are approachable and friendly.

With The mAe get closer to the art community, its evolution and living with art. We’re not designer art we are art in your design.

 As a gallery, consultancy and event space, The Meridian Art Experience will make the middle art market approachable, affordable and experiential.

The mAe Principals


James Blumenfeld

Jim has a gift for finding strategic combinations that when added together, produce business-changing results. He's done so for brands including Hostess, Wonder, Nabisco, Coca Cola, Citibank, Ameritrade and non-profits that focus on autism, education, equality, fighting AIDS and the fine arts. Jim's perfected left brain-right brain thinking has enabled him to lead and deliver successful marketing, branding and communications programs. Jim's love of art began with his undergraduate art history degree, which opened a life-long appreciation for the fine arts. As a father and husband, he is a collector of art in the middle.

Susan Romaine

Susan’s break-through career in finance saw her place and manage hundreds of millions of dollars in assets and edit significant works within the industry. Susan worked with such household names as Irving Trust, Institutional Investor Magazine, Smith Barney, Equitable Life Assurance Society and as a pension Investment and new product development consultant. Susan began her professional art career in 2000 and has enjoyed considerable success since then with her work in numerous private and corporate collections and at the Gibbes Museum in Charleston South Carolina. She and photographer, Jack Alterman, published "Cornices of Charleston", a book of her paintings and his photographs, in 2005. Susan is represented by galleries in Jupiter Florida, Delray Beach Florida and Santa Fe New Mexico. She is a producer and collector of art in the middle.

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Our Services

  • The mAe Gallery: Space for contemporary and emerging artists across diverse media 

  • The mAe Group:  How to buy, collect, hang and consign art

  •  The mAe Art Services: Installation, curating existing collections and framing

  •  The mAe Resource Center: Library of collectable fine art in print and e-versions

  •  The mAe Space: Event space rental for parties and events